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In the past few years I've traveled to many modeling events, industry related galas, and exotic destinations. Through these opportunities I have been on the cover of several magazines, featured numerous times and network in LA often. While print photography is my speciality, I enjoy promotional work,  runway, and video promos.   In the links below or under the merchandise tab, you can view and/or purchase copies of my publications and select prints.  I am looking forward to having my photographers and other industry professionals post their testimonials of our shooting, travel and publication experiences. I'm thankful to collaborate with extremely amazing individuals. 

Please stay tuned for more on the horizon.

Who I Am


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida I had a less than desirable childhood. As we grow, only we control our own actions so as a result I became a very strong willed and goal oriented person. I graduated from UNF with a BBA and continued my career into restaurant management. I had never seen snow, I had never been on a vacation, I had never gone anywhere and I worked 60+ hours a week. Suddenly I panicked, I needed to see the world to fulfill this feeling I had.  I won first place at a Regional Bikini Contest hosted in Jax Beach, FL by The IBMS, with the prize being a trip to Costa Rica! Long story short, I became hooked on traveling and taking pretty pictures. Publications and modeling are just a bonus, my goal is to see the beauty in the world and share it with others. 

My Modeling Services


I am able to offer a variety of professional services including but not limited to Modeling posing consultation, photographer assistance,  brand promotion, and of course shooting also in Bikini, Lifestyle, and Lingerie. I enjoy having fun while cranking out amazing content with my surrounding team. Help me help you get the best photo and experience.  Photography rates vary depending on various factors  such as travel expenses, wardrobe, and hair and makeup. Please call/text/email regarding a collaboration and a final project quote. 

I also provide companies, brands, and individual influencers Social Media Advertisement through marketing on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

I am looking forward to working with you! 


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Ciara Marie Nichols

PO BOX 23374 Jacksonville, Florida, United States 32241


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